We generate knowledge about challenges to the welfare society, with a view to exploring possible solutions



Even in Denmark, many children and young people grow up under difficult circumstances. We generate knowledge about the causes of the challenges they face and use this knowledge to test possible solutions.

Our approach

In the ROCKWOOL Foundation Interventions Unit, we generate new knowledge about how to tackle the challenges facing society. We do so through systematic, transparent and careful work to reveal the causes of and mechanisms behind the societal challenges that constitute our primary focus.


We base our work on a socio-scientific understanding of the problem. We subsequently develop and test hypotheses about possible solutions to these challenges, always on a firm foundation of the highest standards of research.


We focus in particular on challenges related to marginalised children and young people, but our scope is broad, stretching from early childhood to the first years of adulthood. Our objective is to develop a solid, thoroughly tested toolbox for local authorities, schools and other practitioners to use in their everyday work to tackle challenges in the context of the welfare state.

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Lås skolen op (Unlock the school)

How can we unlock the potential in schools so as to help more children live more enjoyable lives?

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Company-centric initiative for young people

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How can more young people be encouraged to complete a vocational training programme?

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