Lifeline in Zambia


Lifeline in Zambia (LiZ) is a Christian, non-profit organisation based in Ndola in northern Zambia. In the period 2008–13, the ROCKWOOL Foundation worked closely with LiZ in an attempt to cultivate an approach to developing local communities through the medium of social capacity building, with the emphasis on especially disadvantaged areas in Zambia. The approach involved recruiting local volunteers via the churches in the respective project areas and providing them with training in the areas of health, education and farming. The volunteers were then allocated five families that they were to help through weekly home visits. The idea was to assist local communities in reaching out to the poorest members of society, by drawing on their own resources.




The intervention was implemented and developed through three project phases. The final project phase (P3) commenced in April 2012 and included two project areas with a target group of 300 households. The intention was to improve the standard of living for these disadvantaged households. A qualitative evaluation of the intervention was performed in connection with the third project phase.

What’s next?


The project was completed in 2013 under the auspices of the ROCKWOOL Foundation. The project has undergone a qualitative evaluation. See the results and find our knowledge below.