Fit for Kids


Fit for Kids is a 40-week initiative built up around a combination of physical exercise, coaching and motivation, along with expanded knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, dietary advice and cooking. The programme is intended for children who suffer from extreme overweight, are inactive, in poor physical shape and/or have poor body awareness.


The ROCKWOOL Foundation evaluated the Fit For Kids programme in 2011–2012. The evaluation highlighted aspects such as the need for a more closely targeted retention strategy and established that diet and the exercise activities were the key drivers. On the basis of the evaluation results from Fit for Kids, the ROCKWOOL Foundation decided to develop and refine the project under the name of Cool2BFit. Cool2BFit is targeted at both children and their families, and encompasses dietary guidance in the home, exercise, shared meal preparation and theme meetings. The project also focuses heavily on retaining the healthy lifestyle on expiry of the project period. In addition, a Cool2BFit book has been prepared, containing specific tools to assist families in living healthier lives.

What’s next?


The project was completed in 2013 under the auspices of the ROCKWOOL Foundation, and was developed into the Cool2BFit project. The project has undergone a qualitative evaluation and an impact evaluation. See the results and find our knowledge in the list below.