How we provide support

The Deed of Trust of the ROCKWOOL Foundation states the following:


“The objective of the Foundation is, at the discretion of the Foundation Board, to support scientific, humanitarian, artistic or social purposes, and to contribute to improving environmental conditions and development of society.”


In accordance with the objective stated in the Deed of Trust, the Board of the ROCKWOOL Foundation has decided to prioritise support for projects whose purpose is to generate new, independent knowledge with the potential to reinforce the economic and social sustainability of the welfare society.


The Foundation receives a great many applications for support, and the Board prioritises allocating the majority of the Foundation’s unrestricted funds to supporting research and the generation of knowledge about solutions to tangible societal challenges. These projects may be designed completely independently or in consultation with the Foundation’s Research and Interventions Units. Whichever approach is chosen, all projects are subjected to a thorough process of evaluation in expert committees before they are presented to the Board for approval.

Please note that the Board of the ROCKWOOL Foundation has determined that in principle, the foundation declines to support projects and activities with the following purposes:


  • Party-political, religious or spiritual purposes.
  • Entertainment purposes, sports and leisure purposes, including sports clubs.
  • Camp events and travel in general.
  • Study trips, Masters’ projects, including periods of study abroad.
  • Publication of books that are not linked to the activities of the ROCKWOOL Foundation.


For questions specifically concerning research projects and whether they fall under the Foundation’s research areas, please contact Bodil Wullum Nielsen.


Applications can be submitted via the Foundation’s application system and will be processed at the first Board meeting following the application period stated in the system. Applicants will then be informed as to whether or not their application has been approved. Applicants should not expect rejections to be justified. Additional information about the application process can be found in the application system. Applicants who do not find this information sufficient should write to


Apply through the link below (if the language selector is set to Danish, change the setting to English).