Welfare and Work Incentives


August 1993


Externally reviewed

A North European Perspective


Written by: A.B. Atkinson, Richard Blundell, Björn Gustafsson, Anders Klevmarken, Peder J. Pedersen and Klaus F. Zimmermann.


Welfare and Work Incentives. A North European Perspective presents analyses of the relationship between the taxation and welfare systems and the motivation of the populace to work in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany.

The analyses are based on comprehensive data, and they reveal fascinating results concerning the relationship between the systems of social welfare and taxation in the four countries, and the will of the respective populations to work, as the situation was at the beginning of the 1990s.

“One can benefit from watching Atkinson at his craft… The book addresses a problem in Europe’s public debate over the welfare state. Policy makers in Europe need to know whether European welfare states have major effects on labor supply. This book provides an answer.”

– Robert Hutchens in The Journal of Economic Literature