The integration of non-Western immigrants in a Scandinavian labour market: The Danish experience

Research report

October 2001


Externally reviewed

Study Paper No. 7


Written by: Marie Louise Schultz-Nielsen with contributions by Olaf Ingerslev, Claus Larsen, Gunnar Viby Mogensen, Niels-Kenneth Nielsen, Søren Pedersen and Eskil Wadensjö


This study paper contains a report of the principal results from the project ‘Integration in Denmark at the turn of the millennium’ for the benefit of the international research community. The main focus is on the integration of immigrants into the Danish labour market, but the book also presents an overview of work on various other important aspects of the lives of immigrants. One chapter is devoted to a description of the data on which the project is based and to the methodological approaches used.


‘This accessible but well-structured description of immigrants on the Danish labour market can be recommended to those with in interest in the facts related to immigration as an overview or as background material.’

– Helena Skyt Nielsen in Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift