The impact of immigrants on public finances

Research report

May 2015


Externally reviewed

A forecast analysis for Denmark

Study Paper No. 90


Written by: Marie Louise Schultz-Nielsen, Marianne Frank Hansen and Torben Tranæs


Immigration is often mentioned as a potential solution to the challenges that society will face in the future as a result of an increasing proportion of elderly people in the population and a diminishing proportion of people of working age.  But can we say on the basis of current experience with immigration and integration that there is a long-term prospect of immigration creating a surplus for Danish public finances? And what differences are there in this context with regard to immigration from Western and non-Western countries? The study contains analyses that give prognoses for the period up until 2050.

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Immigration to Denmark from non-Western countries will still result in a net transfer from the public purse in 2050 – if immigration and integration remain unchanged

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