Immigration to Denmark


July 2009


Externally reviewed

An overview of the Research Carried Out from 1999 to 2006 by the Rockwool Foundation Research Unit


Written by: Poul Chr. Matthiessen


Dr. Poul Chr. Matthiessen, Denmark’s foremost demographer, has written this book with the aim of presenting a broad overview of the process of immigration to Denmark and the integration of immigrants into Danish society.


In addition, he examines a number of related topics such as immigrant’s patterns of residence, immigrant’s education and their command of the Danish language, crime, and the significance of immigration for public finances. The topics covered also include the attitudes of Danes to their new fellow-citizens.


The content of the book is based on research into immigrant’s conditions of life and integration into Danish society that has been carried out by the Rockwool Foundation Research Unit since 1999.